The best part of the school was about how inclusive it is.  The teachers are lovely, and they as well as the students are very aware of how difficult it is for kids to move countries and schools.




Ex parent (three primary going children)

Books and Stationery

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All school textbooks are issued to students for the academic year. In the Secondary School, a small book deposit is kept by the school against books not returned when a student leaves.

Stationery, for the Primary School, is provided by the school though each student needs to bring his/her own pens, pencils and colouring materials. Secondary School students can buy their stationery needs from the stationery shop located in the school premises. The shop is open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday on all school days.

When a student withdraws from school, a clearance is required from the text book section ensuring that all text books have been returned.