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It is strongly recommended that you contact the admissions team prior to registering your child to understand the entry requirements and availability of places.


Fraudsters have sought to defraud prospective parents by falsely claiming that they can influence the entry of a child to The British School. All prospective parents should understand that:

  • The British School admissions process is strictly managed in order to be fair, transparent and in line with its values and ethos .
  • No payment of any type, except those set out in the fees schedule, will be requested by anyone associated with The British School.
  • Cash payment for school fee will not accepted.

Any attempt to subvert the admissions process MUST be notified to The British School in writing or by email to immediately. This includes anyone claiming influence or requesting payment to influence the admissions process, whether or not they are associated in any way to The British School.

Any parent failing to inform us of an attempt to subvert the admissions process will have their child struck-off the waiting list or removed from school, if they have already been admitted.


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