Key Stage 2

Year 4, 5 and 6 students in Upper Primary are encouraged to learn through a sense of enquiry to develop into independent, reflective learners. The focus here is to provide continuity and progression in learning for all students as they move on to the rigour of Key Stage 3.

English and maths are vital and are combined with rich and exciting cross-curricular links established through the areas of humanities, science, dance, drama, music, and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). The skills of independent learning and cooperation with others are also developed along with attitudes and values to ensure progression in the development of essential life skills.

A wide range of learning and assessment strategies are applied to suit the diverse learning styles of students. Differentiated learning ensures there is no bar set to student achievements and development.

Homework is given to reinforce and deepen the understanding of concepts learnt in class. It also helps students to work independently and learn time-management. In addition to this, students are expected to read from a wide range of books easily available to them in the reading cupboard and the library.

Parents are informed of their child’s academic and social wellbeing through parent-teacher conferences, notes in the school diary and meetings. Parents are welcome to make appointments for informal meetings, whenever necessary, throughout the year.