Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We welcome students with mild to moderate learning difficulties, provided we are able to support them.

Students have a learning difficulty, if they

  • have significant learning gaps when compared to the majority of students of the same age,
  • have difficulties in learning despite differentiation in the classroom, or
  • have difficulties in independently making use of the educational facilities provided in the classroom.

The school has a team of qualified teachers with specialist facilities who offer support in the form of in-class or pullout sessions, or a combination of both. The support in EYFS is primarily in the form of early intervention for catering to developmental needs (social, emotional, speech and communication, motor and sensory).

All SEN students appear for IGCSE and IB exams along with their peers. However, they have the option to choose fewer subjects. Each year our IB students with special needs successfully complete the course and move on to pursue higher studies at university level.

Our SEN department is a pioneer in outreach programmes and organises workshops and trainings for international schools in India to share best practices in teaching and learning for SEN students.

Our admissions policy requires parents to declare if their child has any special learning needs. If it becomes known that such needs were not disclosed, the school reserves the right to not admit the child. In case it is discovered after admission and we are unable to support the learning needs, the school reserves the right to review the student continuing their education here, in the best interest of the student.

Occupational therapy

The school recognises the need for early intervention in the areas of fine motor and sensory integration. The number of therapy sessions needed is based on the assessment of each student.