Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We were awarded the International Provision of the Year for our work for students with special needs, including the new Learning Solutions Centre

Students have a learning difficulty, if they

  • have learning gaps when compared to the majority of students of the same age,
  • have difficulties in learning despite differentiation in the classroom, or
  • have difficulties in independently making use of the educational facilities provided in the classroom.

SEN Department

The school has a dedicated department with a team of qualified SEN teachers who support students with special educational needs with mild to moderate learning difficulties including, but not limited to, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and ADHD. We support students who are able to access our curriculum in the mainstream classroom with differentiated support by both SEN and class/subject teachers. Our SEN students spend the majority of their time in mainstream classrooms along with their peers.

Support provisions

All students on the SEN register receive individualized and/or small group support of upto 5 hours per week in the form of pull‐out / in‐class or a combination of both, and assessment and exam support in addition. The support in EYFS is primarily in the form of early intervention, catering to developmental needs (social, emotional, speech and communication, motor and sensory).

In circumstances where the school determines that a student requires more than five hours of support per week, one-to-one support is provided by a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) for a maximum period of up to two academic years, or until the student reaches eight years of age (whichever is earlier). Parents are required to bear the cost of the SNA support. In case we are unable to support the learning needs after the intensive one-to-one support for two years, the school reserves the right to review the student continuing their education here, in the best interest of the student.

Our admissions policy requires parents to declare if their child has any special learning needs. If it becomes known that such needs were not disclosed, the school reserves the right to not admit the child. In case it is discovered after admission and we are unable to support the learning needs, the school reserves the right to review the student continuing their education here, in the best interest of the student.

Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions is a ground-breaking initiative undertaken with the purpose of providing multiple services to our SEN students, including access to external professionals and therapists.

The Learning Solutions Centre serves an extension of our existing SEN provision enabling the school to offer a wide range of therapeutic services, assessments and training to benefit students.

Launch of TBS Learning Solutions Centre by the British Deputy High Commissioner, Jan Thompson

Our aim:

  • Centralise all SEN services under one roof for students and their families
  • Provide cost effective and reliable services in a safe and secure environment
  • Develop the range of early intervention possibilities, as research indicates that early intervention is the key to a student’s development
  • Enhance outreach programmes through SEN services and teacher training

Services Provided

  • Occupational therapy and Sensory Integration
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Psycho educational Assessments
  • Teacher training