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'We are delighted to report that the IB results have been record breaking this year with the entire Class of 2015 having achieved an excellent set of IB results . Apart from the one student who garnered a perfect score of 45, there are two more students who have achieved 44 points! The average grade achieved by our students is now 36 points out of a possible 45 – the world average grade is roughly 29 points. The number of students with 30+ points is 77%, with 56% of the year group achieving 35+ points and over. 23% of the year group achieved 40 points and over, recording an 8% increase over 2014.'
'We are delighted to announce that Simone Tandon has achieved a full score of 45 in the IB exams of 2015. Simone had been a student of The British School since Reception. Thrilled about the excellent result, she said, ‘Getting 45/45 points in the IB has been more than a dream...'
'Four students from Year 12 are currently on a Round Square International Conference (RSIC) at UWC, Singapore. The theme of the conference is ‘Act Today, Change Tomorrow’. Students participate in a plethora of activities based on the six IDEALS of Round Square – Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership, Service and will interact with students from 120 other schools from all over the world.'
'Students of Years 6 to 10 and 12 celebrated science through a ‘Talk Show- Demystifying Science’ on 7 October. Many exciting projects were showcased such as ‘Demystifying the origin of life and evolution’, ‘Is an egg as delicate as it seems?’, ‘Are renewable sources of energy a true solution?’ and more.'


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