Admission Process

Our admissions team will help you with a smooth entry, all the way from registration until your child joins the school through our 4-step admission process.

Registration can only be done online To complete the registration process the following must be uploaded:

  • Photocopy of the child's passport and visa (latter where applicable
  • Photocopy of the parents' passports, if diplomats
  • Coloured passport sized photograph of the child s

Applicants must pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs 20,000 online for the registration process to be completed.

Your application will be valid for a duration of 2 academic years from the date of registration.

Once a place becomes available, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • A copy (in English) of the last 2-3 years school reports
  • A confidential recommendation form filled in by a previous teacher, sent directly to the admissions team
  • Health form signed and stamped by a medical practitioner

After the above has been received in order, all applicants (except for Nursery and Reception) will be required to undergo a level appropriate assessment to help us learn about their capabilities and identify any special needs.

Assessment in English and Mathematics is necessary for admission to Years 1 to 9. Students entering Years 10 to 13 are also assessed in Science(s), in addition to English and Mathematics.

All assessments take place in The British School. However, if a student is not resident in New Delhi at the time of the assessment, it may be carried out in their current school under the supervision of an invigilator.

Applicants who clear the written assessment will be invited for a face to face interaction.

It is recognised that in the case of applicants applying from overseas, it will normally not be possible to schedule a meeting until the physical arrival of the families in New Delhi. In such cases, a video-conference/Skype call may be arranged. In situations where this is not possible, the Admissions panel may grant a conditional admission based on the applicant’s written assessment (if applicable) and previous school records. Such conditional approval will be subject to confirmation following the interview, which should be scheduled as soon as reasonably possible.

Choice of subjects for the IB Diploma programme is determined by the above mentioned process. In case of higher level subjects, the applicant will be expected to have attained minimum grades.

An offer of admission is made once the above criteria and assessment have been successfully cleared.

Do remember:

  • Parents must accept the terms and conditions of admission.
  • An offer of admission must be accepted or rejected within five working days.
  • Upon acceptance of the place, students residing in India must pay the fee within five working days of the receipt of the invoice. Fee for students residing overseas is to be paid in ten working days of the receipt of the invoice.
  • The school reserves the right to offer the place to the next available candidate, if:
  • a. the place is not accepted within five working days from the date of offer, or

    b. payment is not made within the specified period of time.

Admissions Office

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