3 May 2021

Raising Questions, Raising Thinkers

Vasundara Bhalla, Deputy Principal, Secondary School

When I left my daughter at her play school on Day 1, I tried hard not to look back and […]

21 Apr 2021

Writing to Analyse

Resmi Sreekumar, SEN teacher

Can spoken language be put into written form? Yes, of course it can be. But how much does it lay […]

16 Apr 2021

10 lessons from my 10 years at TBS

Navneet Kaur, Deputy Head of Communications

April 2011. I walked into TBS – a bit nervous, slightly shy and oblivious to all that TBS was to […]

12 Apr 2021

Authentic student leadership initiatives and their impact on educational transformation

Svetlana Radashkevich, Curriculum Leader, Music

Recognition of the importance of the student voice and leadership has recently become a part of important educational discourses known […]

16 Feb 2021

Creative careers in a complex age

Nayantara Handa, University Guidance Counsellor

It would be accurate to say the year gone by has been like no other. The onset and continuance of […]

12 Feb 2021

Reimagining the Future of Education with Technology post-COVID

Mayuri Ambule, Curriculum Leader - Computing and ICT

Rapid globalisation and emerging technological advancements continually influence education around the world. Educational leaders are not only required to develop […]

8 Feb 2021

Diversity in Thought, Equality in Opportunity

Aparna Rao, Deputy IB Coordinator

It would be an understatement to say that the last year has been tough on all of us as a […]

2 Feb 2021

Enabling Learners through Bespoke Assessments

Mary George, Curriculum Leader, Science

What makes learning relevant and enjoyable to school students, particularly in the Secondary School? My journey in finding answers to […]

18 Jan 2021

Collaborative Learning

Ridhi Saigal, Head of Year 3

Children are the priority. Change is the reality. Collaboration is the strategy – Judith A Billings Collaborative learning is an […]

14 Dec 2020

Building resilience

Neel-kamal Sihota, Key Stage 3 Leader

In recent days we were all witness to the general elections in one of the world’s biggest democracies. There were […]