26 Nov 2021

Why have assemblies?

Melisha Trotman, Principal, Primary School

School assemblies have taken place in schools all over the world for many years. Most assemblies have one thing in […]

21 Oct 2021

The Spontaneous Teacher

Cally Stockwell, EYFS Leader

Being an EYFS Practitioner takes a great set of skills and whilst you can argue that all teachers and support […]

5 Oct 2021

Blended Education as Future of Education

Mayuri Ambule, Curriculum Leader – Computing and ICT

With the ongoing pandemic, access to traditional face to face school and resourcess till remains a distant possibility in many […]

29 Sep 2021

Hold on to those pictures!

Sanchita Sahay, Special Needs Educator (Whole School)

I am going to begin this article by asking you to do a simple activity. After reading this, close your […]

20 Sep 2021

My meandering thoughts

Mark Defield Taitt, Principal, Secondary School

I am sure we have either heard, or more often than not said, ‘Back in my day…’. I have found […]

2 Sep 2021

Agility Amped – How COVID has changed the pace of living

Himani Verma, Head of Enrichment Programme

I have written previously on the need to re-envision how education and skills will evolve in the 21st century. In […]

24 Aug 2021

Where to Begin? The Art of the Starter

Gary Martin Broughton, Teacher of English

A wiser man than I once said, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Research suggests […]

3 May 2021

Raising Questions, Raising Thinkers

Vasundara Bhalla, Deputy Principal, Secondary School

When I left my daughter at her play school on Day 1, I tried hard not to look back and […]

21 Apr 2021

Writing to Analyse

Resmi Sreekumar, SEN teacher

Can spoken language be put into written form? Yes, of course it can be. But how much does it lay […]

16 Apr 2021

10 lessons from my 10 years at TBS

Navneet Kaur, Deputy Head of Communications

April 2011. I walked into TBS – a bit nervous, slightly shy and oblivious to all that TBS was to […]