27 May 2022

Decoding Mindfulness – Can children practise mindfulness?

Kaveri Mehta and Adhunika Naithani, Primary School Counsellors

Mindfulness is a concept that is old and yet so novel. We all know what it means and are still […]

20 May 2022

Cs, Ds and Stars

Resmi Sreekumar, SEN Teacher

A recent social media post read: An eleven-year-old child runs to his dad, flashing his Maths answer sheet. The conversation […]

18 May 2022

Importance of wellbeing in schools

Manveen Kaur and Udayan Philip, Secondary School Counsellors

‘Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with […]

9 May 2022

Art Therapy – An Empowering Tool

Kristine Michael, Curriculum Leader, Visual & Dramatic Arts

Working with the visual and performing arts is one of the most creative ways to reach out and empower both […]

18 Apr 2022

Are you holding high standards or simply being difficult?

Navneet Kaur, Deputy Head of Communications

Have you ever worked with a hard task master? Someone who was hard to please? That one person who seemed […]

11 Apr 2022

The power of sport to build communities

Nerys Coventry, Head of PE & Sports

In 2000, at the inaugural Laureus World Sports Award, the Founding Patron, Nelson Mandela, declared ‘Sport has the power to […]

7 Apr 2022

How to make the most of your non-contact lessons

Jeneeta Chacko, Key Stage 2 Leader

As teachers, most of us wear many hats together. How do you manage everything yet meet timelines? Do you step […]

4 Feb 2022

New year, same feeling: Fostering individual and collective wellbeing

Archana Mishra and Ruchika Kapoor, Science department

As we near the beginning of the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have reached a […]

28 Jan 2022

The Preschool Pandemic Predicament

Cally Stockwell, EYFS Leader

The pandemic has caused the largest disruption in education: from school closures, bubbles and restrictions on resources to pressure on […]

26 Nov 2021

Why have assemblies?

Melisha Trotman, Principal, Primary School

School assemblies have taken place in schools all over the world for many years. Most assemblies have one thing in […]