The provision of a safe, healthy and positive learning environment is a key priority for the school.

Air Quality

Our Air Quality Task Force works to reduce the impact of air quality on students and staff. All classrooms and indoor spaces have an in-built air purification system as well as air quality sensors to monitor PM2.5, PM10 and CO2 levels on real time basis.

Outdoor activity schedule is closely monitored and managed carefully to protect students and staff from harmful effects known to be associated with cumulative exposure to particulate matter.


School building

We are the first school in India to be awarded a 5 star GRIHA rating for our green building which boasts of double walled construction for heat insulation, high efficiency air-conditioning systems, solar energy usage, and waste water recycling and treatment. All indoor spaces are equipped with an air purification system.

We had the privilege to have H E Sir James David Bevan KCMG, the then British High Commissioner, inaugurate Phase 1 of the building in 2014, and the then High Commissioner H E Sir Dominic Gerard Anthony Asquith KCMG High inaugurate the fully completed campus in 2016.

The extensive use of ACTIVE Boards (interactive Promethean boards) enable teachers to skillfully incorporate ICT into classroom teaching. The school also has well-equipped specialist rooms/facilities for Science, Art, Music, Drama and Computers and Science laboratories (including one specifically dedicated for IB students) which meet international standards. The state-of-the-art air conditioned Sports hall, custom built EYFS and Lower Primary playground, amphitheatre, half Olympic sized swimming pool with heating provision, custom built IB centre, spacious cafeteria, multi-level library, Innovation Lounge and multi utility sports field enhance the quality of our provision.

Child Protection

The Primary and Secondary Principals play the role of Child Protection Officers at the school. While they are in an investigative role, school counselors and other members of staff, support and promote the individual and collective welfare of students. All staff members are trained routinely to understand their role and responsibility in relation to safeguarding students, including incident recording and reporting procedures.

Students are provided with various academic and nonacademic avenues to equip them to look out for themselves and others, learn ways to stay safe and to seek help when in need. Our continuous endeavor is to empower them to use their voice when needed.

Digital Citizenship

We view e-safety as a partnership that is not limited to school premises, school equipment or the school day. All members of the community are educated about the benefits of technology and the risks that come with it. Students are taught how to behave responsibly online, how to evaluate information, to consider the information they are disclosing, and to take care of their own and other’s safety and security, both in the school and beyond.


Health & Safety

The Health and Safety (H&S) committee is tasked with devising, implementing and overseeing all health and safety provisions. Its members inspect the school premises regularly through walkabouts and take corrective actions to ensure a safe and secure environment at all times.

Inspection and audit of all minor and major fire, electrical and electromechanical equipment are held periodically to ensure highest standards of H&S for the community. In addition, regular drills are held to help prepare for managing emergencies.

Commitment to the environment

Conscious of our carbon footprint, we are committed to making the school an environmentally sustainable space. We believe in the power of education to instil a sense of awareness in children today to protect the earth for tomorrow but awareness needs to be accompanied by the ability to take informed action. Our young Eco Warriors and the Environment Club are champions of the go-green cause and work through the year to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are the first school in India to have been awarded a Grade 5 rating by the GRIHA Council for our green building.


The safety of our community is of prime importance and stringent security measures are implemented to protect our students, both inside and outside the school building.

The premises are under continuous surveillance and regular patrolling. The perimetre wall has been secured with razor wire to discourage unauthorised entry. The school is also equipped with emergency alarms, a PA system, fire hoses and extinguishers, walkie-talkies, metal detectors, scanners and access control at main gates.

Entry is allowed only through access cards (for students, parents and staff). Visitors need to make a prior appointment and carry a government issued ID card to be allowed entry to the premises. Exceptions are not made. Visitors should be prepared for a body scan and bag search.

5 star GRIHA rating
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