• Applicants from all education systems, nationalities and backgrounds will be considered.
  • Applications from internationally mobile families will be considered throughout the year for all year groups.

Admission is dependent upon

  • a place being available in the year group;
  • the ability of the applicant to demonstrate that they can benefit from the education provided by The British School; and
  • that they would complement the international character of the school’s student population.

Registration timeline

  • Registration for Nursery opens in January for the following academic year.
  • Registration for other years may open depending upon the availability of seats. Please check the website in December for registration dates for other years.
  • IGCSE and IB applicants can only be considered for the start of Year 10 (IGCSE) or Year 12 (IB). Year 11 and Year 13 entry will only be considered if the student coming from the equivalent programme.
  • Registration can only be done online.
  • Application will be placed on the waiting list only after payment has been received.
  • Applicants must have reached the relevant age for the year group by 1 September. However, the school reserves the right to place an applicant in the year it deems appropriate.


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