Student Leadership

The school offers a number of opportunities to students to develop personal and professional leadership skills. Whether it is leading workshops, assemblies or school tours, students get a hands-on experience of strategic thinking, decision making, accountability, team building and networking.

Student Council

The Student Council helps students develop strong leadership skills and gives them a voice in the running of the school. Members are elected through fiercely contested elections and receive leadership training to help them lead student welfare. They work in conjunction with a Co-Council which draws students from Key Stage 3. The council reports regularly to the leadership team about issues relating to student matters.

In primary, Student Council members are drawn from and elected by Key Stage 2 students.

Model United Nations (MUN)

The school hosts and participates in MUNs both at the national and international levels.

The programme engages bright young minds in diplomatic processes, negotiations and UN style conferencing, and trains them in the art of lobbying and collaboration. MUN helps foster global citizenship and engender in our future generations a commitment to peace and international understanding.

Students are selected through open auditions and are trained by staff and student peers.

Round Square

The school is a global member of the Round Square Association of schools. This prestigious membership offers multiple opportunities to students to participate in conferences, student exchange programmes, regional and international service projects, and adventure trips.

The objective is to enable the holistic development of every student through academic, physical, cultural and spiritual experiences.

The International Award for Young People (IAYP)

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is run in about 100 countries with an enrolment figure of approximately 4 million. In India this award scheme is called IAYP.

The programme is a non-competitive individual challenge that requires persistence and commitment. Qualifying standards are measured in terms of progress, proficiency and sustained effort.

Student behaviour

Students are expected to abide by the behaviour policy of the school. We believe that students thrive in an environment in which expectations are clear, good behaviour is encouraged and consequences of inappropriate behaviour are known to all.