2 Feb 2021

Enabling Learners through Bespoke Assessments

Mary George, Curriculum Leader, Science

What makes learning relevant and enjoyable to school students, particularly in the Secondary School? My journey in finding answers to […]

18 Jan 2021

Collaborative Learning

Ridhi Saigal, Head of Year 3

Children are the priority. Change is the reality. Collaboration is the strategy – Judith A Billings Collaborative learning is an […]

14 Dec 2020

Building resilience

Neel-kamal Sihota, Key Stage 3 Leader

In recent days we were all witness to the general elections in one of the world’s biggest democracies. There were […]

1 Dec 2020

The shift to remote learning

Monisha Nathani Singh, IB Coordinator

Ancient literature from Homer’s Iliad to the Old Testament seem to associate disease with the idea that man is being […]

20 Nov 2020

Pillars of Educational Sustenance: Teachers and the Pandemic

Melisha Trotman, Primary School Principal

When the world went dark with the news about Italy sending dead bodies to another city as it was running […]

25 Sep 2020

Embracing Failure

Clayton Duggan, Primary Performing Arts Coordinator | Music Teacher

As a musician, I have always been exposed to the elements. Whether I was playing the French horn as a […]

18 Sep 2020

The Hunger of Learning

Mark Taitt, Principal, Secondary School

When I was younger, I owned a dog called Janho who gave birth to a litter. As the puppies started […]

15 May 2020

Hope, thoughtfulness and kindness will lead the way to the future

Shubhanjali Mukherjee, Counsellor, Secondary School

Last week scrolling through some news channels, I chanced upon a feature where they were showcasing the new normal for […]

4 May 2020

Acknowledging kindness

Sunny Thakral, Head of Technology & Communications

A staple of every school that I have taught in is the staff farewell session on the final day. Last […]

27 Apr 2020

A Crisis, an Opportunity

Sujatha Ramanan, Whole School SEN Coordinator & Head of Learning Solutions Centre

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity – Albert Einstein The spread of COVID-19 and the resultant need […]